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I stumbled across this looking through and I really liked it.  Click HERE to view WeirdInk’s deviantART page.


Workshop’s Impossible Prints

I like how they pile these impossible shapes on top of each other, also note the use of triangles.


This piece was done by Seacreative (Fabrizio Sarti).  Very cool line work.  It seems like the canvas was made for this piece.  There are a bunch of great paintings, street art and illustrations at this site.

Smurfs Wars

Created by Marcelo Braga, this movie poster was created for the fictional film Smurfs Wars (original story concept can be found here).  I can’t say enough about how awesome this poster is.  There are 3 posters, however I think this is the best one.

Genetic Adjustment

This piece was created by Chris Buzelli. I think it’s an interesting concept and it’s also got an old-time feel to it.  The use of lines is visually pleasing as well.