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Matt Stuart

Matt stuarts got some great photos and pieces on his website found here.  I especially like the picture above.


Josiane Marquis

This is the most creative way I’ve seen a snow globe put into use and I like how everything has a great flow.  Interesting font as well.

Christopher Paul

sitemap_part2 by christopher Paul

Christopher Paul does some really cool work creating art from data and other forms of inspiration.

Dale Edwin Murray

This is from a collection done by Dale Edwin Murray.  He does a lot of T-shirt designs, but I really like his work.

Antipode by studio mw

This piece was done by studio mw.  I like the use of gradients and shapes.

More minimalist posters


I’m a huge fan of the minimalist movement going on.  I think it’s amazing to see what you can create with as little as possible.  These pieces were created by Exergian.  The rest of the set can be found here.

The Beautiful Dreamers

Here’s another good use of triangles.  More can be found here.