Monthly Archives: November 2010

More minimalist posters


I’m a huge fan of the minimalist movement going on.  I think it’s amazing to see what you can create with as little as possible.  These pieces were created by Exergian.  The rest of the set can be found here.


The Beautiful Dreamers

Here’s another good use of triangles.  More can be found here.

Hunting Bears


I’m really digging using text as shapes, and Hunting Bears has some really great ones.

Lost – Lori Nix

lori nix

Lori Nix does some amazing work.  You can check out more of her work here, it’s really good.


IHaveSeenTheRain – Cyber Love


I like the use of text as shapes, and I like how the pixelation of the letters creates these images that are hard to read, but very cool to look at.  Created by IHaveSeenTheRain.


I stumbled across this looking through and I really liked it.  Click HERE to view WeirdInk’s deviantART page.

One Planet

I like the use of text as shapes and the contrast of the bright colors against the dark background.  This image and more like it can be found here.