Monthly Archives: October 2010

Smurfs Wars

Created by Marcelo Braga, this movie poster was created for the fictional film Smurfs Wars (original story concept can be found here).  I can’t say enough about how awesome this poster is.  There are 3 posters, however I think this is the best one.


Christian Lindemann

Christian Lindemann has some really great work on his site.  I really like the concepts of his pieces and the style.  I think it’s very entertaining to look at and really draws me in.  The pieces keep my attention and have me making sure I haven’t missed anything.  It’s good stuff.


This piece is not only funny, it’s visually pleasing as well.  Created by Xavier Gallego.

Genetic Adjustment

This piece was created by Chris Buzelli. I think it’s an interesting concept and it’s also got an old-time feel to it.  The use of lines is visually pleasing as well.


This piece was created by Jason Villegas.  The colors really pop out and grab my attention.

Of that Old Time

This piece was created by Adam Hancher.  It’s got a classic feel to it.

Modern Prawns

This is one image from a piece done by Miriam Muñoz called Modern Prawns.  I like the simple clean look of these pieces.